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I was saved in December of 1974. The day I was saved will be a day I shall never forget.  It was, and still is, the most monumental experience of my life.  It was shortly after this glorious transformation of my life that I began to write songs describing and defining this great experience known as Salvation.  This salvation experience has been, and still is, the subject matter of many of the songs I have written over the years and continue to write to this day.


Shortly after being saved, I began singing with my Uncle, Sonny Smith and his family, in a group known as the Laborers. I continued singing and later formed my own trio with a husband and wife, James and Mary Sugg. We were known as The Don Stiles Trio.  We traveled and sang for the Lord for nearly 13 years.  During that time we recorded with the Eddie Crook Company and continued to develop our distinct sound and style as we sang the songs I had written along with songs by the Hinsons and the Goodmans.  Regardless what song we were singing, our main objective was to glorify our Lord and Savior as we presented the Gospel in song and won souls to the Kingdom.


In 1979 and 1980, I wrote several songs including, “I’ve Got Something To Praise God For” and “It’s Not So Hard To Praise Him.”  In 1990, 2 prominent Southern Gospel groups of that time, each selected one of these songs to record.  The Wilburn’s recorded, “It’s Not So Hard To Praise Him,” and Cedar Ridge recorded “I’ve Got Something To Praise God For.  The following year both of these songs reached the Top Ten in The Singing News Chart.  They both reached the #1 position in The Gospel Voice Magazine charts.


Down through the years I have felt blessed to have my songs recorded by so many different artists like Walt Mills who recorded “Can’t You Feel His Spirit In This Place?”,  and other artists like Heirline, The Promise Land Quartet, The Lore Family, JSM Ministry Team, The Singing Byrds, Jimmy Putman and most recently, Greg Sullivan, Bonita Eileen, Doyle Hobson, Steve McCuin, Fields of Grace, Crystle Elam, Charity Hamilton, Living Faith, Jan Tindall Harbuck, Ray Wolford and Sunday Drive. 

The Lord blessed me with my beautiful and amazing wife Kathy. And, after 49 years of marriage and growing together in the Lord, I thank God more each day for such a godly wife, mother to our children and grandmother to our grandchildren. Our son Chris, his wife April and their 4 children, Riley Grace, Noah Blair, Shiloh Kate and Crowder Sutton shown here. Also our daughter, Lisa, her husband Billy and their 3 children, Ethan Alexander, Asher Faith and Simon Hope pictured above.


Kathy and I are definitely partners in this ministry and seek the Lord daily for the direction this ministry should go.  As partners in this life and ministry, we have stood together, prayed for each other and supported each other as we work and rejoice in the Lord.


Stepping out as a solo artist has been challenging but rewarding.  It was not a decision made lightly and I am thankful for the support and prayer coverage of Kathy and our family. It is the goal and desire of this ministry to see souls saved, hearts lifted up and lives forever changed in Christ Jesus our Lord. 

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